Course Pages
Code Course Name
ChE 510 Molecular Thermodynamics in Polymeric and Biolgical Systems
ChE 511 Polymer Processing Principles and Modeling
ChE 512 Hierarchical Modeling of Macromolecular Systems
ChE 516 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
ChE 518 Conformational Statistics and Dynamics of Polymers
ChE 520 Downstream Processing in Biochemical Engineering
ChE 525 Basic Food Engineering
ChE 529 Biochemical Engineering II
ChE 531 Mechanical Properties of Polymers
ChE 538 Polymer Applications
ChE 540 Thermochemical Kinetics
ChE 541 Microreaction Engineering
ChE 542 Analysis of Sustainable Technologies
ChE 543 Catalysis for Green Technologies
ChE 550 Statistical Methods in Chemical Processes
ChE 555 Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers I 
ChE 556 Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers II 
ChE 566 Process Engineering Strategy
ChE 577 Design and Operation under Uncertainty and Risk
ChE 578 Dynamic Optimization of Chemical Processes
ChE 579 Graduate Seminar
ChE 582 Spec. Top. in ChE:Advanced Comp. Tech. in Chemical Eng.
ChE 591 Spec. Top. in Techniques and Applications of Molecular Biotechnology
ChE 610 Advaced Topics in Polymer Science and Engineering
ChE 620 Current Topics in Biological Systems Engineering
ChE 621 Phase Equilibria
ChE 622 Statistical Thermodynamics
ChE 626 Advanced Computations in Phase Equilibria
ChE 631 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
ChE 634 Interfacial Transport Phenomena
ChE 637 Advanced Mass Transfer
ChE 642 Catalytic Reactor Analysis and Design
ChE 670 Advanced Topics in Chemical Processes Control
ChE 672 Advanced Process Control
ChE 688 Spec. Top. in ChE:Folding, Binding & Allostery in Biomolecular Machines
ChE 689 Spec. Top. in ChE:Kinetic Heterogeneous Cat.
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